*secretly having a mental breakdown because nothing is going right and all motivation is lost* :)

I’ve wanted more minutes in a day ever since I met you
11:19pm (via daianayumi)
She’s everything.
She’s not something I ever want to live without,
Or something I will never stop loving.
She’s everything.
She’s more than the stars and the moon and the sky.
She’s the entire universe and more.
I’ve never felt home till’ she put me in her arms.
She’s something I will fight for and put all my energy.
She’s everything.
Simple as that.
her // t.m (via aietala)

What can I do to make you stay?

The answer is: nothing.

Other than by force, nothing I do could ever make you stay. In fact, the door will always be wide open for you if you decide to leave.
Instead, I will do everything I possibly can to keep you from wanting to ever walk out of it.
I won’t waste more than a few minutes in the day telling you how beautiful you are. Rather, I’ll spend every waking and unconscious moment making sure you feel it.
I won’t ever leave you in question of how I feel about you, because I’ll sneak handwritten notes into your bag every time we part ways, letting you know how much I already miss you.
I won’t treat you like a prize that I’ve already won, but rather like a flame that has been sparked by my last match.
So, yes. I am more than aware that nothing I say or do could ever make you stay. But God, I hope you choose to.

Connotativewords | jl | What can I do to make you stay? (via connotativewords)


*steals ur credit card*

hasta la visa

She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so you’ll know loss the rest of your life
Junot Diaz, This Is How You Lose Her (via versteur)
I crave holding you so tight and for so long it’ll feel like we’re sharing one heart.
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